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Avanti Micro Finance avanti finance

Making Financial Services Affordable And Accessible for The Next 100 Million Households

Avanti Edge

The heart of Avanti's strategy is centered around its hyperlocal, hyperflexible digital spine for population scale. This is the foundation on which Avanti will scale.

This digital spine will encode all the sophisticated thinking & modeling and instruments into a set of easy-to-access APIs layered within the app that adapts itself to versatile roles.

Hyperlocal Products

Co-creating products focused on customer livelihood by matching their cashflow and end-use by crowdsourcing data through 60+ partners.

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Pure Digital

Technology entrenched in each stage of operations allows for a paperless, presence-less and cashless approach.

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Platform Play

Connecting diverse pools of capital/products to end users through an assisted model driving holistic financial inclusion.


Next Gen Financial Inclusion Platform

Highly scalable operations enabled by the platform result in a lower cost of operations moving away from high-cost brick & mortar and high headcount models that are both expensive & have limited scalability

Hyperlocal livelihood product innovation facilitated by partners ensures mass customization at scale tailored to the needs of our users for different livelihoods.

Focused on financial inclusion - where everything from the curation data, the product design, and livelihood models are all crowdsourced from the local community to build a trust score for an otherwise data-dark customer.

Anchoring solely on products designed to support livelihood, combined with digitization of social trust, decreases risk by shifting focus from ensuring repayment to establishing livelihood expansion, thereby enabling the borrowers to repay loans.

Driven by a minimalistic, API-driven architecture enabling rapid deployment of capital for distinct purposes solving for priority sector lending, geographical
expansion, acquisition digitization, deployment of capital to new target segments, debt for specific loan programs etc.

Open-Access, Flexible Digital Platform

Avanti platform is an open-access digital financial spine, flexible enough for users and partners to create, curate and deploy the financial products they need in a touchless, presence less, and cashless interface with our users.

Unmatched access to financial services for the underserved customer through hyperlocal product development with partner inputs and Cashflow-based customized products.

Democratising Financial Access:

Paperless, Presenceless And Cashless:

Paperless: a digital end-to-end journey
Presenceless: the ability to deliver financial services through local networks
Cashless: designed for multiple digital repayment alternatives.

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Sustainable Impact:

Hyperlocal livelihood product innovation facilitated by partners ensuring customization at scale, Low cost, and highly scalable operations

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